Milkfish (Chanos chanos)

Milkfish is very important fish for the Indo-Pacific region, where it is widely used for food, but is mostly ignored in North America. However, his appearance has caused fishermen tarponlike and misidentify, and spend much time in vain tried to do it lures and flies.

Milk Fish
Other name of milkfish in various country are in Afrikaans: melkvis; Fijian: yawa; French: chano, thon; Hawaiian: awa; Japanese: sabahii; Philippine languages: bangos, banglis, bangolis, bangris, banglot; Tahitian: tamano; Thai: pla nuanchan; Vietnamese: cá máng; indonesian : bandeng.

Milkfish /Chano can reach 5 meters in length and weigh 50 kilos and can live for 15 years. Alltackleworld record is 24 pounds, 8 ounces of fish in Hawaii.

Milk Fish Life history / behavior. Milkfish spawn in shallow, brackish waters and a fish to produce eggs 9000000. They float on the surface until they hatch, the larvae and the new indoor water 2-3 weeks after hatching. Older larvae settle coastal wetlands during youth, sometimes to get fresh water lakes, and more adolescents and young adults into the sea to mature sexually.

Milkfish Food
Milkfish Food and eating habits in larva fase milkfish eating zooplankton , while adolescents and adults its feed on bacteria, algae, soft, small benthic animals, fish eggs and sometimes pelagic larvae.


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